I was sick and tired of looking at my ugly wavy beat up steel bed floor and wanted something that really popped... but unfortunately there was nothing available that was made for our 8' style side beds... Until now that is!

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. I am here to say "they" are exactly correct!

As you can clearly see, not only did I need to hide the 'ugly' but I also needed to provide a tasteful solution to the fuel fill door in the bed. The HyePo Drop-in Bed Wood Kit solves both!

The Before

The first thing I had to solve was not making a drop-in wood bed cover any higher than necessary. I have seem some of these take up 2" to 3" of depth and look rather awkward to say the least. Opening up the tailgate to see a huge step up to the bed floor wasn't gonna do it for me. Luckily one of my metal suppliers specializes in extrusions and we were able to obtain the lowest profile that would do the job.

The During

After laying out the low profile cross members, it was time to lay out the bed strips. These are cut special for 8' 57-60 Ford F100 style side beds.

The After

With everything bolted in place I took it out for a test run over bumps and such... no noise, no flapping around. The bed wood system works as intended. A snug functional fitting cosmetic upgrade that can be removed easily by removing the center board allowing for the use of the steel floor if needed. Like I said, it was a Win WIN!

Click here to see the detailed project.

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